Two songwriters make their SSS debut Sun., May 26, at Johnny Harris

Two strong songwriters make their Savannah Songwriters debut Sun., May 26.

Tony Richards and Shawn Gordon join Andrew Gill and Tom Cooler in another writers-in-the-round showcase of original music.

Tony Richards
Tony Richards

Classically trained on clarinet and trumpet, Tony Richards eventually opted for rock and roll and has traveled to world with his own bands and 15 years with the (Good Lovin’) Rascals.  He’s a guitar slinger for hire, teaches music and has a recording studio and CD duplication company.

He can be heard playing solo at North Beach Grill and other local venues and as a guitar slinger or bass player with others.

     South Carolinian Shawn Gordon plays swamp boogie blues, rock and roll country and soul.   He plays solo gigs, is the lead singer and guitarist for The Shawn Gordon Band and also plays bass guitar for Johnny C and the Wrecking Crew.

He, too, is making his Savannah Songwriters debut.

     Andrew Gill was the lead vocalist for the popular, local band Wormsloew.  He can be heard most weekends around Savannah solo or with Stewart Marshall.

Andrew Gill
Andrew Gill

To say Andrew’s vocals are dynamic is an understatement.  He possesses perhaps one of the strongest voices to grace the Savannah Songwriters Series.  His lyrics are as strong as his voice.

   Tom Cooler is a veteran of the SSS circuit.  He released   his first CD last year, “Nebraska Boy,” which includes the popular “Tuscaloosa” about the devastating tornado in that hit that town in 2011.

He has just released a new live CD, “This is What You Get.”

Now in its third year, Savannah Songwriters promotes original music from local musicians in free songwriters-in-the-round showcases the 2nd Sunday at the American Legion on Tybee and the 4th Sunday at Johnny Harris.


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  1. Bill Hutcheson

    Question. Will there be an SSS session at the American Legion in July and August?

    Thanks much.


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