Todd Murray returns to Savannah with Charlotte’s Arsena Schroeder

Savannah Songwriters Series
Sun., March. 23, at 6pm
Johnny Harris Restaurant 

1651 East Victory Dr.  31404

Free admission.  Free parking.  
All ages.  Non-smoking

Former Savannah songwriter Todd Murray returns to town with Arsena Schroeder, a discovery from his new home in Charlotte. They will be joined on the Savannah Songwriters Series stage by local songwriter Robert Benton and audience favorite Leo Dean from Brunswick.

Robert Benton

Robert Benton

Robert Benton has been playing and singing for about 20 years. Benton grew up on Wilmington Island and attended UGA.  In the last few years, he has been focused on writing and his band, Benton Hill.

Those who have heard Robert always remember his strong vocals.

     Todd Murray records and often performs under the name Sincerely, Iris.

Arriving in Savannah from Chicago in early 2011, Todd quickly garnered attention. Connect Savannah said Todd was “one of the most interesting of Savannah’s newest crop of acoustic artists” in favorably reviewing his CD, “The Great Unknown.”  That was followed by rave reviews for “Best Left Free,” his 2013 release.

Todd is no stranger to SSS audiences, having performed three previous showcases.  However, he is new to SSS as a touring artist, having moved to Charlotte last year.

Arsena Schroeder

Arsena Schroeder

Charlotte-based Arsena Schroeder began her journey as a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist a mere five years ago, but has since then performed locally, nationally and internationally at venues such as The Evening Muse in Charlotte, Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, and WDVX The Blue Plate Special in Knoxville.

She’s also competed and advanced in a round as an American Idol contestant.

She released her first EP, “Abundantly,” last year. That garnered her comparisons to Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Corrine Bailey Rae, & Tracy Chapman. She’s been critically reviewed as, “the next Alicia Keys”, and a powerful vocalist to be on the lookout for. Her next release, “Seeking Shadows” is scheduled to release in the summer of 2014.

     Leo Dean lives and plays out of Brunswick. A life-long musician, Dean promotes himself as a  “trop-rock musician.”  He’s been called the Human Jukebox.

He is also a master Parrot Head, knowing and playing as many Jimmy Buffett songs as the man from Margaretville himself. Leo has played Parrot Head clubs up and down the East coast of the US and as far west as Texas.  He has been invited to play the prestigious Meeting of the Minds — the annual convention of Parrot Head clubs.

But he is also a master songwriter and storyteller with three CDs out.  He is an engaging performer and fan favorite at his previous Savannah Songwriters’ showcases.

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