The Deal

Here’s what you need to know:

1) We are a local group that showcases mostly local songwriters who perform original (no covers) songs they wrote. We book only individual songwriters, not duos or groups.

2) We pay a minimum of $50 per songwriter.  If the audience exceeds 100 people, then we may, at our discretion, pay each songwriter more, so it behooves the songwriter to bring out friends, family and fans.

3)We encourage songwriters to sell their CDs, EPs and/or other merc at the show.

4) We do book touring artists, but usually no more than one per show. It is particularly helpful if they have a local connection and/or can bring a least a few people out to hear them.

5) Our showcases are all acoustic. Four individual songwriters (we don’t do groups or duos) in the round, playing five songs each. We don’t allow drum machines, porch boards, loop machines, or harmonizers, though we do like harmonicas.  Mainly it is a songwriter playing a guitar. We provide everything except your guitar and cable. We can accommodate keyboards.

6) Showcases are held the 1st Sunday of each month at the Tybee Post Theater.  Soundcheck is at 5:30; doors open at 6:30.  Show begins promptly at 7. Tickets are $10.  You are provided one comp.  There is an 10-minute intermission between the third and fourth rounds.

While we don’t require attendance, it is appreciated when local songwriters support our effort by attending a showcase.