SSS Alumni

Savannah Songwriters Alumni

Robert Benton
David Watt Besley
Jason Bible
Darren Bardbury
Lisa Brokop
Nick Bulka
Christina Cecrle
Cory Chambers
Anna Chandler
Chris Chandler
Joel Clackum
Thomas Claxton
Tom Cooler
William Cusack
Leo Dean
Chris Desa
Matt Eckstine
Abigail Eller
Wyatt Espalin
Bob Fulton
Andrew Gill
Johnathen hill
Skip Hinely
Garry Jackson
Paul Jefferson
Dean Johanesen
Michael Jones
Thomm Jutz
April Kelly
David Kraai
Georgia Kyle
Lauren Lapointe
Tubby Love
Pete Love
Joan Maute
Jim McGaw
Mark Molloy
Jamison Murphy
Todd Murray
Jere Myers
Daniel Nickels
Claudia Nygaard
Thomas Oliver
Harry O’Donoghue
Kyrsten Paige
Crystina Parker
Monty Parks
Sarah Poole
Nikko Raptoulis
Stan Ray
Danni Ri
Laurie Rider
James Rinalducci
Reid Robertson
Jefferson Ross
John Russell
Jason Salzer
Roy Schneider
Arsena Schroeder
Jeff Schroeder
Britt Scott
Rachael Shaner
Steve Simpson
Isaac Smith
Zachary Smith
Jan Spillane
Gary Swindell
Roy Swindelle
Craig Tanner
Sara Tollerson
Ben Wells
Rick Williamson
Robert Willis
Phillip WiseCecilia Witt
Dakota Woods
Aaron Zimmer

4 thoughts on “SSS Alumni

  1. Marie


    I saw you guys on Facebook and I wondered is this organization for teens who are guitarists and songwriters? My son has been playing for years and we are trying to get him involved in more music events in savannah. We live in Richmond Hill and are military so it is hard to find things for him to do. Currently he is studying music theory under an Armstrong Professor and plans to pursue a degree at Berklee in Boston. Tell me could he join you guys? He will be in the 12th grade next year.

  2. Heather

    Precisely how long did it require u to create “SSS Alumni | Savannah
    Songwriters Series”? It also has a good deal of very good info.
    Appreciate it -Christin


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