Savannah Songwriters Recap – Doc’s Bar September 9th 2012

Hey ! Another excellent show of Top-Shelf music proved by the Savannah Songwriters Series! Doc’s bar, on Tybresia street, Tybee Island, Ga., once again played host to an evening of all original-material acoustic guitar music provided by members of the Savannah Songwriters and their guests.  Visiting guest performers included David Watt Besly, from St Augustine, Florida,  and Jenny Morgan, a Texas lass’ , currently hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Savannah Songwriters regulars Mark Carter and Jefferson Ross,  both of whom were sporting new guitars to show-off to the crowded house of bar patrons that night, completed the 4-chair line-up. The house was full and the stage was set!

The Savannah Songwriters have been delivering really high-end performances of original music to Tybee Island for several years now, and tonight’s entertainment was one of their best yet!

Jefferson Ross  delivered not only an exciting story of Moonshine Distillery in his tale of “Hornet Hawkins”, but also the eerie mis-adventures of a poor unfortunate soul who enlisted the labors of a Low-Country Hoo-Doo priestess in his song “Lime-Green Cadillac Hearse”!

Mark Carter reminisced  about his time spent working in the clubs of Music-City in his song “Nashville”, and then went on to share a bit of his musical savvy in the piece titled “One Day”. Really beautiful music here, Really great songs !

David Watt Besly was visiting us again, up from St. Augustine, Florida, bringing his signature vocals to life with the driving rhythms of his great song, “Love”.  I always enjoy hearing David set-up his music with brief little anecdotes of life that add so much color and depth to his music!

The ‘big-money’ this night, was riding on the coat-tales of Jenny Morgan, a fresh new talent currently hailing from the big-steel city of Pittsburgh, PA.  Originally from the Lone-Star state,  Jenny would allow only a wispy trace of her Texas drawl to sneak-out in her vocals just long enough to lure you in close so that when she slapped you with the dark-side of life in her song “Running on the Brazos”, you found yourself smitten by her young voice.  Oh, so clever… Not to worry, she makes it up to you in her sweet-sweet song “Brother Rain”, and yet she has caught you again !  I look forward to hearing more from her in the near future.

Doc’s bar, down near the pier on Tybee Island, is a really great place to take-in this sort of entertainment, the sort of high-calibre  singer-songwriter material that you typically can not find in most of the larger clubs in the Savannah area.  And the historic clique’ of all the cool photos that line the walls add so much to the ambiance of the venue. Hot food, cold beer, the beach, great music…….What more could you ask for? Love it!

See you at the next one!

Tom Cooler


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