Savannah Songwriters Artist Feature – Leo Dean

By 1965 Leo Dean had his own band and it was off to the races !

The late sixties found Leo playing in the coffee houses singing the folk and protest songs of that era that convinced him that music was in his soul and also that the young hippie girls loved it, well that didn’t hurt either.

By the early 70’s Leo was sharing the stage with the then unknown Johnny Paycheck and Tex-Mex
star, Freddy Fender. It was also a transition from the acoustic Guitar to electric, all the while sitting in
with various bands as a drummer.

By the early eighties it was time to be a weekend warrior musician, continue an education and raise a

By the early nineties the bug had bitten again and contemporary country music was a draw, so he
played in a number of high powered country bands until he bought another acoustic Guitar and
re-discovered Jimmy Buffett and the ParrotHead movement.

So after a short stint as a duo in the JamesDean Band, playing southeast Georgia,Leo was once again
a solo acoustic act…and thats when he played a gig in a seaside bar on St. Simons Island Georgia and
met the founding members of a newly formed ParrotHead called who called themselves
“The Southern-EZE ParrotHead club of St. Simons Island Georgia”.

To make up for the lack of a band Leo adopted the latest computer technology and was a full blown
“sequenced” act. In addition to, at the time, over 500 songs. Leo’s set list also included around 50
Buffett tunes and another ParrotHead was born.

Now, some 2 thousand gigs later and a seasoned pro, Leo’s sequenced set list is over a thousand
songs and includes some 125 Buffett tunes and growing. He has played ParrotHead clubs up and down the East coast of the US and as far west as East Texas.

As of September 2004, Leo is finishing his third CD titled ” I got it made”, a collection of original
music ranging from smooth ballads about the baby boomer generation, lots of tunes about the
Islands and the tropical life to Nashville wannabe tropical hillbilly stars.

Leo Dean will join Jefferson Ross, Stan Ray and Bob Fulton at the Savannah Songwriters Series at Tybee this Sunday at Doc’s 6pm.

One thought on “Savannah Songwriters Artist Feature – Leo Dean

  1. Ken Goss

    I saw Leo at St. Simons years ago and have enjoyed “I got it made” on a regular basis for years….especially
    when enjoying the Florida Keys each year. Where can I find his other CD’s? Anything new?

    Many thanks,


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