About SSS

The Savannah Songwriters Series stages in-the-round showcases the 1st Sunday of each month.

The format is three to  four songwriters in-the-round, taking turns, each playing five originals songs.  It’s all acoustic.

All shows  begin promptly at 7. They usually end before 9.   All ages are welcome.

If you are interested in playing, we encourage you to attend one of the shows. There’s a booking form on this website, but we really encourage you to come to at least one of the shows.

The Savannah Songwriters Series was created by social media manager, Tami Ross, and Southern songwriters, Stan Ray and Jefferson Ross in the fall of 2010. Local songwriters Thomas Oliver and Roy Swindelle became responsible  for booking the shows in 2011.  The SSS moved to Johnny Harris Restaurant in January of 2012.  And to the Tybee Post Theater in April 2016. And to the Sentient Bean in 2017.

Tom Cooler currently books the shows.  He and the series are on Facebook.

Don Tueton remains our unofficial photographer.

SSS was created to highlight original music, with an emphasis on local songwriters, though we occasionally book touring songwriters.