Linda McRae leads a stellar lineup of songwriters Sun., Nov. 6, at the Post

Savannah Songwriters Series
Sun., Nov. 6, 2016
Tybee Post Theater
7 p.m. $10.

The Savannah Songwriter Series is proud to welcome back to its stage, this year’s British Columbia’s Entertainment Hall of Fame Inductee, Linda McRae.

Craig Tanner, Monty Parks and SSS’s own Tom Cooler will join her.

Linda McRae

Linda McRae

McRae is a Canadian born, US-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has built a following through amazing albums and a tireless (international) tour schedule. Performing on banjo, guitar and accordion, her warm and world-weary voice, unforgettable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, make McRae a captivating and sought-after artist.

Linda has performed in venues as diverse as Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre and New Folsom Prison, where she performs and facilitates writing workshops for the inmates.

These experiences lead to the creation of her Express Yourself Writing Workshops currently being presented in detox centers, alternative schools, and youth and adult correctional facilities across North America.

The roots magazine No Depression wrote of a McRae performance: “Playing a banjo and singing in a strong alto, McRae went on to offer a masterful and stirring set of songs — songs with a capital S — that take you on a sonic journey while steadily cracking open your heart.”

Craig Tanner, one of the most sought after sidemen in the area, writes very intelligent songs.  Tanner is a well-known photographer, filmmaker and widely acclaimed photographic educator.

As with his photography, Craig is self-taught on the guitar, and those who have heard him say he is one of the finest flat-pickers in these parts.

When he isn’t hosting the long-running open mic at Abe’s on Lincoln, he can frequently be heard playing with American Hologram, with Britt Scott and Eric Britt.

His original songs reflect his love of country and blue grass music, yet the newer songs are more folk in nature in their take on political and societal issues.

Tom Cooler

Tom Cooler

Tom Cooler is an “Americana” singer-songwriter currently living in his hometown of Savannah.

He draws most of his inspiration from his personal experiences of living a traveled and colorful life.

Although he had two CDs, produced over the last five years, and one planned for the Spring, he cites as his greatest musical achievement mentoring a high-school rock band at his church through four years of teenage adolescent angst and growth.

Tom is known as one of the biggest advocates for Live Music.

Monty Parks

Monty Parks

Monty Parks started writing and performing material in 1972 when he performed in Detroit coffeehouses and clubs.  Over the next 35 years, as his career in manufacturing management took him from state to state, he wrote about life from those different regional perspectives.

Now, as a resident of Tybee, he feels blessed with the time to focus more on his music as he plays more and more for the island’s audiences.  He prefers playing in outside venues and entertaining the tourists.  Monty is Tybee City Councilman.


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