Cc Witt and Markus Kuhlmann headline Savannah Songwriters Sun., May 1, showcase

Savannah Songwriters Series
Sun., May 1, 2016
Tybee Post Theater
Doors open at 7:30 Showtime: 8 pm
Tickets $10.
Cc Witt, Markus Kuhlmann, Pete Love and Wayne Martin

The Savannah Songwriters Series returns to its new home at the Tybee Post Theater Sun., May 1, with another terrific lineup of four songwriters in the round.

Cc Witt, Markus Kuhlmann, Pete Love and Wayne Martin will be swapping songs and telling the stories behind them.

Cc Witt

Cc Witt

In the heart of the low country is one girl whose passion for music and vocal performance is unlike any that you’ve seen or heard. She is local singer/songwriter Cc Witt, also widely known as the lead vocalist and songwriter for established country-pop band, Lyn Avenue.

But Cc has a story all her own. Her strong talent in songwriting has been winning her awards since the age of thirteen. Cc’s songs are known for their depth, dynamic range, and particularly, the stories that lie behind the lyrics. Cc’s songs are composed of a unique blend of select genres, with her main influence being country music. Her voice has been compared to Norah Jones, Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, and Kasey Musgraves.

She has just released a solo EP, Down Memory Lane, which will be available at the showcase.

Markus Kuhlmann

Markus Kuhlmann

Markus Kuhlmann is making his SSS debut.  From playing with the original Trainwrecks to gigs in between, Markus can be seen playing with Waits & Co. and Clouds & Satellites.  He also drums for the Nightingale News.

A multi instrumentalist, Markus plays piano, guitar, bass, mandolin and harmonica.

Playing professionally since 1999, his band Hazel Virtue was voted best band in Charleston in the early 2000s, as was Trainwrecks in the Americana category during his time with the band.

He has a son, who turns 2 on May 12th.

Pete Love

Pete Love

Sometimes referred to as Mr. Jukebox for his wealth of instant musical recall, Pete Love has played with groups such as the Denny Phillips Band, Spectrum, Band in the Park, Mary Davis and Co., the Navigators and Smokin’ Gun. A sought-after guitarist who is comfortable with most genres, Pete self-produced his CD “Chester and the Elements.”

His latest incarnation is that of Col. Sanders and the Finger Lickers, where Pete actually dresses in all white and bow tie and the eerily resembles the colonel.

You can catch Pete’s newest identity most any weekend at Doc’s.

Wayne Martin

Wayne Martin

Wayne Martin, from Burlington, Mass., has called Savannah his second home since his mother settled on Wilmington Island in the 1980’s.

He delights audiences with his engaging stage presence and witty songs of humor, love, and life.

Wayne’s song “I Like Your Caboose” was a 2015 American Songwriters Awards winner.

This will be his SSS debut.

You can buy tickets online through the Tybee Post Theater.




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