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Eric Britt will be releasing his solo debut sometime in Winter 2011, following a bank heist somewhere in Texas and a brief stint in the pen. So far the guitar and vocals have been recorded. As you may have collected in the following sentences, based on monetary restrictions the album is not finished.

Britt got his music career started in Athens GA about 1993. He was the frontman and songwriter for Hazel Virtue. Hazel released “hip” in 1995 and began a huge tour behind it that went on for about four years. During this era hazel was headlining such venues as the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Chameleon Club in Atlanta, and the Windjammer in Charleston on a regular basis. In addition to that they received airplay on 100+ radio stations and played huge festivals like Music Midtown, Big Day Out, and Crossroads in Memphis. They were touted as the best unsigned band in America.

Following the break-up, Britt put together a band called Revolvers and did a short tour before starting version #2 of Hazel Virtue. On this run, hazel put out another gem called “face and the shine” and began another tour of the Southeast. This band consisted of some all-star musicians from Charleston SC. They collected a huge following in Savannah, Charleston and the surrounding areas. They began to get airplay on a few commercial stations, ended up at Sony Nashville and made quite a go at it before disbanding in the last couple years.

Eric will be IN THE ROUND this Sunday with Jefferson Ross, Stan Ray and Kyle Shiver

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