Artist Feature – Tom Cooler

Tom Cooler is a local songwriter who enjoys life on the rivers and beaches of coastal Georgia, especially during the Spring and Autumn seasons of the year. “What? Tybee too cold in November? You should try driving your JEEP onto the lake to go fishing thru a hole in the ice. Now that’s  cold !” The reflections of nearly 20 years spent living in Wisconsin can be found in his music, in songs titled “Nebraska Boy” and “Back to Nashville”. Pursuits of optimism can be found in his songs “Time” and “Whiskey & Cigarettes”, while the undeniable grasp of Faith resonates in songs like “Dotted Line” and “Brother”.
“It’s good to be home” he says, when talking about his childhood years in Savannah. “I have a lot of stories to tell, conjured-up from a lot of traveling around. I love ‘people’…I want them to listen, I’d like them to laugh, and I always try to let them to feel what I feel when I play my music.  It’s great when they sing along…that’s the best !” 
Tom will be IN THE ROUND this Sunday night at Doc’s on Tybee.  6pm

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