Artist Feature – James Rinalducci

James Rinalducci will be in the round this Sunday!

Saxophonist James Rinalducci wails his tunes down on River Street and in the squares of Savannah, Georgia.  After visiting Savannah for the annual Jazz Festival in 2009, James fell in love with the city and quit the restaurant business in which he worked for 25 years to make it as a musician.  He has been playing Jazz for 4 years and has been playing his current  1928 Conn Alto Saxophone  that he has fondly christened “Gilda,” after the 1946 movie starring Rita Hayworth.

Alongside playing tunes and improvising, he composes music based on conversations he hears and transfers their tonality into music. His conversational compositions possess a unique, flowing sound that can have short, abrupt notes alongside drawn out tones, like phrases and exclamations in conversation.
Every February, James takes part of  what is called The RPM Challenge.  The challenge is to write and record an album of 10 songs or 35 minutes of music, all original work.  All of which he does based on conversations he hears.

 If ever you find yourself on River Street, in Johnson or Reynolds Square, keep an eye and an ear out for James and Gilda.  Stop by and give him a sentence and he will improv a tune for you.
The Savannah Songwriters Series is at Cha Bella this Sunday, October 16th, doors open at 6pm.

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