A Note From Stan Ray

WOW! Let the music play! What a whirlwind of music coming to Savannah over the next several weeks! If not for the sand gnats you’d swear we were in Austin! Before more about our SSS showcase coming up this Sunday at 6pm on the patio (inside if mother nature insists!) at Cha-Bella, we wanted to mention a new first time event called the Savannah Stopover just in case you’ve missed all the great press it’s getting. Multiple bands, multiple venues all on their way to SXSW (South By Southwest), the premier music, film and now techie event in the country for up and coming artists. Please support this overly welcomed addition to our growing music scene in Savannah, doesn’t get any better!

Well, Tami Ross and Viniferous Facilitator Stan Ray will be with out our 3rd musketeer Southern Troubadour Jefferson Ross this Sunday, as he’s off to the UK for the 7th Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival at the Northern Ireland Songwriting Convention, we miss you already Jeff, see you next month! This month we have the privilege of featuring three GA songwriters, Reid Robertson and Chris Chandler who live here in Savannah, and Michael Jones who’s joining us from Athens, GA. Thanks so much for your support of our monthly music showcase, and cheers to ya for helping us in growing the good life in Savannah!

Stan Ray

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